The Protector

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Original Title: The Protector

Country: Turkey, Netflix

Genres : , ,

Cast: Çagatay Ulusoy, Ayça Aysin Turan, Mehmet Kurtulus, Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabik, Yurdaer Okur

Seasons count: 1 (Renewed to season 2)

The Protector tv series is an Turkish fantasy action, based on the novel “Karakalem ve Bir Delikanl?n?n Tuhaf Hikayesi” (“A Strange Story of Charcoal and a Young Man”) by Ipek Gökdel. It is broadcast on Netflix tv channel. The script for the serie is written by N. Ipek Gökdel, Binnur Karaevli and Jason George (the screenwriter of the famous American TV series “Narcos”, released by Netflix). O3 Turkey Medya and Netflix Studios jointly produce the project.
This is a story about Hakan, whose life will change completely after he receives a secret mission – to protect Istanbul.
You will not be bored surely while watching this sci-fi series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting and exciting. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of this tv series.

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The Protector season 1 download

The Protector season 1 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: December 14, 2018
The main character is very far from being a superhero at the very beginning of season 1. The future protector lives in a city with a population of 15 million, which is both in the East and in the West. When Hakan learns that certain superbeings harm his hometown, he will begin to fight them. However, our hero was not ready for such a mission until that time, and did not want to accept it. Can he become a superhero and save his city?

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