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iZombie season 1 poster The CW channel

Original Title: iZombie

Country: USA, The CW

Genres : , ,

Cast: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, David Anders, Robert Buckley, Robert Salvador, Giacomo Baessato, Cole Vigue, Carrie Anne Fleming, Daniel Bonjour, Micah Steinke, Ella Cannon, Kett Turton, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Jake Manley, Ryan McNeill Bolton, Izabela Vidovic

Awards : 7 nominations.

TV show iZombie is a crime comedy created by Diane Ruggiero and Rob Thomas which is broadcast on American The CW tv channel. Rose McIver plays the main role.
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iZombie Season 4

iZombie season 4 poster Lifetime channel iZombie season 4 is the continuation of the story about Olivia Moore who turned into a walking dead. However, this time the girl's problems acquire a more global scale. People learned that there are many zombies in Seattle created by the explosion of "Fillmore-Graves". General panic reached a large scale, and Seattle was divided into 2 parts: the first where humanity live, in the second - zombies. Despite this, some of the city's residents quietly communicate with each other, without any prejudice. Moreover, dying people sacrifice their brains to support the life of zombies. Olivia, Major and Ravi have to cope with the crisis in society. They are trying to find 17 ampoules with the medicine against the epidemic, while preventing the appearance of zombie bands. Everything is complicated by the fact that Liv continues to investigate crimes. She eats the brain of an elderly lady who likes to irritate the surrounding people. At the same time, Blaine DeBeers, on the contrary, considers that the new society is ideal, as this situation develops his numerous businesses. In addition, someone begins to trade the brains on the black market. All this chaos and absurdity awaits us in the new episodes of season 4 iZombie.

iZombie Season 3

iZombie season 3 poster The CW channel Medical resident - and resident zombie - Liv deals with a mass murder that could set off a war between humans and the undead in iZombie season 3. Seattle is full of zombies. Liv did not suspect that they are so many. Major Lilywhite finds a job in small zombie army, where private military contractor uses them for his own purposes. In addition, Major won the authority in the new place. Blaine "DeBeers" McDonough likes to live without memories of his past. Peyton Charles tries to find the villain in her case. Liv continues to eat the brains, but also takes on a new challenge ...

iZombie Season 2

iZombie season 2 poster The CW channel iZombie season 2 continues the story of a girl who became a reasonable zombie and begun to investigate crimes. Three months have passed since the incident in the butcher shop. Blaine and Major became ordinary people, but now they physically feel when next to them is a zombie. Blaine bought the funeral service to get the brains without risk, and still provides food for Seattle's zombies. Liv's family estranged from her after refusal to give her blood for brother. She turns to Blaine that he took the same utopia that was at a party on the lake, to make a new batch of drugs. At this time, Clive investigates the murder of grumpy old man, who was hated for all the neighbors.

iZombie Season 1

iZombie season 1 poster The CW channel TV series "iZombie" tells the story of a girl who by chance became a zombie with superpowers. Young and ambitious female doctor Olivia Moore attends a party in the open air, which suddenly attacked by zombies. Olivia manages to escape, but one of the monsters scratched her. When girl wakes up, she discovers that turned into a zombie. Now her heart is beating only a few times per minute, her skin and hair became white-marble, and if Liv not eats human brains for a long time - she begins to become blunt and turn into a classic mindless zombie. But when Olivia absorbs another's "gray matter", she soaks up memories of the deceased and some features of its behavior. She takes a job as a pathologist and uses her abilities to help Seattle PD detective Clive Babineaux in investigating the killings.


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