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Empire season 1 poster FOX channel

Original Title: Empire

Country: USA, FOX

Genres : ,

Cast: Terrence Howard, Bryshere Y. Gray, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Grace Byers, Taraji P. Henson, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Gabourey Sidibe, Serayah, AzMarie Livingston, Bre-z, Andre Royo, Lizzy Leigh, Morocco Omari, Xzibit, Leslie Uggams, Sierra Aylina McClain, Taye Diggs, Alex Zelenka, Tasha Smith, Forest Steven Whitaker, Demi Moore

Awards : Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 22 wins & 75 nominations.

TV show Empire is a music drama created by L.Daniels, D.Strong which is broadcast on American FOX tv channel. Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson play the main roles.
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Empire Season 4

Empire season 4 (part 2) poster FOX channel TV show Empire season 4 is the continuation of the American TV series on the FOX channel about intrigues in the world of music show business. The events of the 4th season of "Empire" begins with the first Lucious’ public appearance since the explosion in Vegas. Then there will be even more exciting stories in the new season, which the audience will enjoy in full. In particular, we will get acquainted with a new charismatic character, nicknamed Uncle Eddie. He is an icon of the music industry, the author of numerous hits. Moreover, this is the man who first released Lucious Lyon to the radio. As for the family, the passions do not subside, but rather, on the contrary, they will get even stronger. New episodes will tell about betrayal, failures, feelings and self-interest within the dynasty. And the company will be heavily impacted due to the endless misunderstanding in the new episodes of season 4 Empire tv show.

Empire Season 3

Empire season 3 poster FOX channel The battle continues in Empire season 3. Empire Entertainment is still the main goal for many people. Lucious is trying to strengthen the company's position in the market of hip hop by streaming service. Tariq, his half-brother, is conducting an investigation against Lucious and their collision is imminent. Cookie is back for her family. She and her team has own plans. Hakeem, Andre and Jamal want to move on after the recent events. But each of them has to make his choice on whose side he was on in the battle for the Empire. Also, in the new season, Jamal Lyon will be able to record a duet with superstar named Kitty, who will help him to make a musical breakthrough. Hakeem will meet dangerous rival - talented rapper Gram. The situation is heating up when Gram starts a romantic relationship with Tiana, Hakeem’s ex-girlfriend. This conflict affects not only music, but also personal life.

Empire Season 2

Empire season 2 poster FOX channel Empire season 2 begins 3 months after the arrest of the Empire Entertainment head Lucious Lyon. Concert of the label #FreeLucious organized in his support. The true purpose of Cookie, who took control of the company to attract the attention of investor Mimi Whiteman to finally take the "Empire" in her own hands. Andre, Hakeem and Anika support Cookie. Despite the conclusion in jail, Lucious is trying to run the company with the help of Jamal, who is gradually moving closer to his ex Michael. After some time, Jamal says that Mimi decided to work with him and Lucious. When Jamal took over as head of the company, he makes the most family members like enemies. Cookie decides to open her own record label, but the start is difficult, because its proponents have different views on the development of the company. Soon Lucious Lyon gets the opportunity to go free on bail of $ 1 million. Will he be able to establish relationships with his sons, who were trying to take the company behind him?

Empire Season 1

Empire season 1 poster FOX channel In the center of the TV series is a hip-hop dynasty Empire Entertainment. Lucious Lyon has come a long way from the poor street boy, who had nothing to eat, to owner of the large music corporation. He has achieved success through his work, skills and ability to conclude a good deal. But at the peak of success and fame Lucious discovers that terminally ill. His brain is struck by a severe form of multiple sclerosis, which leaves no chance for a long life. Understanding the current reality, Lucious comes to major decision - his corporation, his child, his great musical empire must live in any case, no matter what will happen with him. During the remaining time, Lucious needs to choose his successor and give him all the reins of power. Make such a choice is not easy: Lucious has three grown sons, each in its own good. But at first sight none of them are suitable for the role of the ruler of the Empire. The younger son, Hakeem is very talented, but in his life he had never done anything really serious. Middle son, Jamal also has musical talent, but he's a gay. The eldest of the sons, Andre looks the most serious and the most suitable successor: he's a financial director in his father's company and knows first hand how the music business is built. Lucious' ex-wife Cookie was set free after 17 years in prison. They built a music empire together many years ago. She's not going to stand aside - Cookie is convinced that half of all the income and assets of the company should be hers by right.


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