Chicago P.D.

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Chicago PD season 1 poster NBC channel

Original Title: Chicago P.D.

Country: USA, NBC

Genres : , ,

Cast: Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick John Flueger, Marina Squerciati, Elias Koteas, LaRoyce Hawkins, Amy Morton, Jon Seda, Markie Post

Awards : 1 win & 5 nominations.

TV show Chicago P.D. is a crime drama created by M.Brandt, D.Haas, D.Wolf and M.Olmstead which is broadcast on American NBC tv channel.
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Chicago P.D. Season 5

Chicago P.D. season 5 poster NBC channel Chicago P.D. season 5 continues to highlight the activities of the P.D. in Chicago. Although there will be some changes, because of what the unit may seem a bit unfamiliar to us. The next season will continue to reveal the secrets of Hank Voight, and also to tell the viewer about the relationship of employees. So, for example, Erin Lindsay will still agree to work in the counterterrorism unit of the FBI in New York in episode 1 of season 5. Her storyline in this TV show will end on this. On the contrary, detective Antonio Dawson, who transferred as a detective to the district prosecutor's office in the middle of season 4, returns to his native Penates in the new season 5. The main character Hank Voight, although a "werewolf in epaulettes", continues to protect the city from bandit wars and restrain calm in the new episodes of season 5 Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 4

Chicago PD season 4 poster NBC channel Chicago P.D. season 4 continues to talk about the cops and detectives from the Chicago Police Department. Hank Voight is still the head of the Intelligence Unit. He was conferred the rank of lieutenant at the end of last season. But his life changed after his son's death. Lindsay always thought he was a model of stability and composure. But now it is not. Erin now counts on the support of Jay. Lindsay feels that Jay Halstead is the only person to whom she can trust. In addition, the meeting with her father would be one more shock for Erin. Meanwhile, the uniformed officer Julie Tay becomes the new partner of Kim Burgess after her a longtime partner Sean Roman moved to San Diego.

Chicago P.D. Season 3

Chicago PD season 3 poster NBC channel Professional and personal side of life are intertwined in Chicago P.D. season 3. At the beginning of the new season the Intelligence unit pursues one of the most wanted fugitives. Erin Lindsay makes the wrong moves towards her recover. Hank asks Jay Halstead to watch her. Trudy Platt learns that Detective Alvin Olinsky found his daughter. Now, he's trying to make up for lost time with her. Sean Roman is very concerned about the future engagement of Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. After some time, Kim also thought about her decision. Her doubts began to grow stronger after she learned that Adam was engaged twice before.

Chicago P.D. Season 2

Chicago PD season 2 poster NBC channel Chicago P.D. season 2 continues to talk about the work of the Intelligence Unit, headed by Hank Voight. Detective Sheldon Jin's murder become a huge shock for everyone. The team ceased to be like a family and it seems that the relationship destroyed. Some officers believe that the fault lies on Voight. Hank tries to find out the reason and motives of the murder. After some time, another close friend of Hank becomes a victim of the mass killings. Meanwhile, personnel changes are taking place in the unit. The officer Sean Roman becomes new partner of officer Kim Burgess.

Chicago P.D. Season 1

Chicago PD season 1 poster NBC channel TV series "Chicago P.D." is a spin-off "Chicago Fire". Chicago is considered as a haven of gangsters, criminals and gangs for hundreds years. But the crime series shows the reverse side of the city - people who risk their lives for the benefit of peace civilians. Police officers are ordinary people with their own personal lives, the same problems as everyone else. But on the work - they're true professionals. Police Department is divided into two groups - one engaged in petty crime, patrol city streets, while others interact with particularly serious, such as murder and drug trafficking. Sergeant Hank Voight manages the whole team, in which serious passions boil. In addition to solving problems with the local hooligans, the police have to compete with each other. The rivalry that exists between units makes life difficult for people. Sophisticated collision and difficult professional duties impose its imprint on the lives of police officers outside the department and affect their emotional life.


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