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Brockmire season 1 poster IFC channel

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Original Title: Brockmire

Country: USA, IFC

Genres : , Drama, Sport

Cast: Hank Azaria, Amanda Peet, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Adriyan Rae, Christian Robinson, Ashley Vaughan, Tracey Bonner, Patti Schellhaas

TV show Brockmire is a comedy created by Joel Church-Cooper which is broadcast on American IFC tv channel. Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet play the main roles.
You will not be bored surely while watching this comedy series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting and funny. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of Brockmire tv series. This page contains direct links where you can download full episodes of all seasons. Excellent video quality, high download speed, moreover absolutely free and no registration! Brockmire tv show download in the formats MP4, MKV, AVI. This popular tv series (season 1, 2…) are available downloading for free at the tv series list below.

Brockmire Season 2

Brockmire season 2 poster IFC channel Brockmire season 2 continues the story about the famous and once-over-the-top commentator of the Major League Baseball. Following the dream, our hero left Morristown and went as a sports commentator to New Orleans. Career is not compatible with love. Therefore, the main theme of the 2nd season is a strong male friendship. Charles is the main figure of the upcoming episodes. This is the best and only friend of Jim Brockmire. Charles helps Jim find himself and understand what he now wants from life. He helps him to realize and correct his mistakes. And Brockmire, in turn, also supports the friend in every possible way in a difficult moment. And he throws everything for a friend at the most crucial moment. Friendship, love, sport and psychology in the new season of Brockmire series.

Brockmire Season 1

Brockmire season 1 poster IFC channel The tv series Brockmire on the IFS channel will tell about the fall of the cult and top baseball announcer Jim Brockmire. Jim Brockmire is a well-known in baseball circles sports commentator. He is satisfied with his life. He has devoted fans, loving wife, good job. What else can you dream about? However, his life collapses at that time when he finds out that his wife is unfaithful to her husband, and with different men. This news overtakes him in front of an important ether. As a result, Jim got into a wax on the air. The Video clip with the rambling Brockmire got into the net, turning the former star into a general laughing-stock. Jim Brockmire disappeared for ten years. However, in season 1 he again intends to return to the sport. He got a job as a commentator in a provincial town for a start. He was hired, but with great fear that the "star" may show himself badly. However, the new colleagues of Jim Brockmire took him surprisingly well.


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