American Crime

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American Crime season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: American Crime

Country: USA, ABC

Genres :

Cast: Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King, Lili Taylor, Richard Cabral, Connor Jessup, Benito Martinez, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Cherry Jones, Sandra Oh, Janel Moloney, Dallas Roberts, Mickaëlle X. Bizet, Tim DeKay, Clayton Cardenas

TV show American Crime is a legal drama with racial and sexual background that was ordered by ABC channel. ABC invited the Oscar-winner John Ridley as director.
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American Crime Season 3

American Crime season 3 poster ABC channel American Crime season 3 explores the plight of immigrant workers in the U.S. - both legal and undocumented. Luis Salazar is forced to secretly come to America from Mexico to find his son. He sees that many of his fellow citizens suffer from poverty. Imperfection of american system refers not only to the illegal workers. The owner of a large tomato farm, Jeanette Hesby forced to make a deal with own conscience to keep afloat the business. This solution can cause a huge problem in the relationship with the family. Kimara Walters is a single woman who wants a baby for many years. But she is now forty years old. Kimara meets a young prostitute who tries to escape from a pimp. Perhaps, they can help each other ...

American Crime Season 2

American Crime season 2 poster ABC channel American Crime season 2 raises a very disputable issue for American society. It is the issue of racial intolerance. Lots of people have suffered from this problem over the past years. The action is set in a small town in California where dreadful things happened to Russ Skokie’s family. His son, a military man, has been killed on the ground of racial hatred while his wife is in coma after being raped. There is no one there to protect the rights of an ordinary man. But the colleagues of the deceased guy are not willing to give up. They decided to find the answers to all questions. The story is based on the problem of racial intolerance and sexual discrimination.

American Crime Season 1

American Crime season 1 poster ABC channel American Crime drama TV series focuses on the investigation of a former military man’s murder where the main suspect is a national minority representative. It all starts when Russ Skokie wakes up to a phone call in the middle of the night and the police informs him that his son has been killed and his wife has been raped and she is in critical condition. The police followed the car noticed near the crime scene which appeared to be driven by a Latin American man. As a result, a young man named Tony Gutierrez is taken to the police office. He claims to have taken the car from his father’s garage and lent it to his friend Hector. Nevertheless, Tony is accused of murder. His father Alonzo barely manages to deal with press attacks who try to catch him out on some kind of politically incorrect statement but Alonzo is more concerned with his daughter Jenny’s silence.


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