Adam Ruins Everything

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Original Title: Adam Ruins Everything

Country: USA, truTV

Genres :

Cast: Adam Conover, Adam Lustick, Emily Axford, Avery Monsen, Lauran September, James Hayward Brinkley, Endre Hules

TV show Adam Ruins Everything is a comedy which is broadcast on American truTV channel. Adam Conover plays the main role.
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Adam Ruins Everything Season 2

Adam Ruins Everything season 3 poster truTV channel Adam Ruins Everything season 3 continues the story about Adam Conover - a famous TV presenter with a very unusual way of thinking and attitude to life. He ruins stereotypes and tells people the truth about the myths, which the society imposed on them, for two seasons. This time Adam comes back with new animated episodes to fill in the gaps in history or just to debunk the myths. This part has the title "Reanimate History". He will touch upon the themes of the Cold War, the Haitian Revolution, the opening of the New World, the Renaissance, and so on. In general, Adam continues to ruin popular misconceptions on a variety of topics in every sketch. And the audience has to see the next 6 episodes, full of subtle humor and witty jokes in season 3 Adam Ruins Everything.

Adam Ruins Everything Season 1

Adam Ruins Everything season 2 poster truTV channel The TV series "Adam Ruins Everything" season 2 continues to reveal an ugly truth about what your heart cherishes on truTV channel. Adam Conover ruins everything and ruthlessly destroys stereotypes. His "victims" have to listen to lectures and to be convinced of the correctness of a self-satisfied hero in practice. And be sure, Adam will not soften the blow! 2 season of the comedy TV show Adam Ruins Everything continues to struggle with myths and obsolete views of mankind about a variety of things. Adam will develop the topic of immigrants, tell the whole story of the elections, will tell unknown facts about the Internet, drugs and nationwide American insanity on Christmas in the new episodes.


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